Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Final Brief

What I learned this semester will be useful and fun.

The work and experience I gained with Illustrator, Meshmixer, and Fusion 360 will be helpful in the visual effects and branding side of my desired field.

I greatly enjoyed this semester rand cannot wait until the Fall!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday, April 9, 2018

Final Project Idea

I'm doing my project on why the Enterprise was designed the way it was in all of the generations, as far as the research side goes.  As for the practical/ art side, I will be making my own version of the Enterprise. More specifically, the NCC 1701-A. I will further dive into why the models were made the way they were and why the changes were done.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Digital Multimedia Weekly Update

Before Spring Break, I was still making few tweaks to the models.

When I finished them, which was during Spring Break, I began to print them.

When I tried the model for the FDM, It was a success but also a fail because when I took the supports off, it fell a part. So I did more tweaking to that model and then printed it again.

The second time was a complete success. The second time the print too about 3.5 hours. The first go around was about 7 to 8 hours because it was 6 inches tall with 4 shells and 30% infill instead of 4 inches tall with 2 shells and 10% infill.

Then on Thursday I went to the Sea3D Lab and began to print my model for the SLA. That took about 17 to 18 hours,  not including time to cure. I am not sure how long it took to cure but it was a while based on the report I got from Slem.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Digital Multimedia Week 8 2/26 - 3/4

This week I will begin the final step for the first model of project 2.  I will need to use the scanner to scan a lego batman to put on top of my modified Batmobile.

I also figured out what I am going to do for the second model, use the bust of me from our trip to the Sea3D Lab and use Meshmixer to add arms, and use the football model I got from Thingiverse and make it look like I am a great quarterback because I wish I could throw a football well.  Or same concept but put myself in the Heisman Trophy pose with arms and the football.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Reaction to Shareable Readymades

With the creation of shareable readymades, the artist has the right to both sell the his art work for a price, and also as of late, post their art work online for the masses to download, print, and enjoy for themselves.  Sometimes it is free and sometimes it will involve money.  That part in entirely up to the artist.  But in order to do so, the artist must have what is called a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license.  In doing this, the artist is credited with the commissioning of the artwork under the Attribution part of the license, and as for the rights-holding relations or the copyright on the artwork, those are more or less just reputational and open for questions.  With this, the artist get credit for creating and the general public an use and create their own artwork based on or using that piece without any worry of copyright infringement.